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Article Title: Wake Up Call
Author of reported comment: tim knight
Comment Date: 05:04 on May 2 2012
Comment: Another excellent group of songs from the praise rockers. From the atomospheric beginnings of Awake, this is a musicical adventure throuht some of the Psalms and scripture. catch the flame is a very catchy tune encouraging us to learn more of God and pass it on to our brother and sisters. yours god is insanely Poppy and once heard is dificult to get out of your head, and then you have other songs like Adore which lead you to a Bueatiful place of worship. like a time for everything the Album is produced brilliantly by Paul Burton The album closer draws om the passage from Isiah inviting us all who are thirst to drink and eat without labour, and brings us back to God's grace. crossbeam at there very best well worth a listen
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