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Article Title: Stories
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 21:07 on Jun 20 2012
Comment: This top country artist serves us with another ccm recording; this one in late '95 (around Dec. if I recall). This one came after her departure from 1/3 of the countrified trio "Heirloom" ( I luv their stuff too). "Something Purer Than Gold" reminds me of the sound of her time with Heirloom "Apples of Gold". Barbara co-wrote this song & 3 others. You can hear another member of Heirloom on some #'s, Tanya Goodman Sykes, & her husband Michael. I love the honesty in Barbara's vocals, her words reach. "Broken Believer" will reach deep to those who let it. The title song was written by Bill & Gloria Gaither's 3 children, Ben, Amy & Suzanne. They were making their mark in CC with the group "Benjamin": by this time they had released 2 projects. "Stories" is quite the reminiscent song, it will spark other memories. Just listen to those country strings on "Until the Last Child Has Come Home": the perfect fit for Barbara's vocal style. "He's a Mighty Good Friend" is a great gospel clapper. Top country artist Glen Campbell joins in the songwriting & singing with Barbara on "Jezebel": Glen had already made his ccm mark with the song, "JESUS & Me" in '91. The cd closer "Casting Stones" is filled with so many words we have all heard. "Until the Last Child Has Come Home" may have been a better closer. Many thanks to Maxine of crossrhythms for getting this cd on the list. GOD Bless! -Don
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