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Article Title: Greenbelt '12: A moment-by-moment review and reflection
Author of reported comment: Chris Goan
Comment Date: 11:31 on Sep 4 2012
Comment: I was saddened as I read this article. I was a contributor @ GB this year, and as ever it was a mix of the wonderful, the bizarre and the deeply moving. I have some sympathy with discussions about the balance/mix of different elements at the festival- this is a hard one to call, but having escaped from the Christianised ghettos of CCM, Evangelicalism, legalism etc, the last thing I want is for this agenda to dominate Greenbelt. It would be entirely possible for me to go to Spring Harvest, or Clan Gathering and write a piece decrying the hard edges of American-Evangelical-Charismatic interpretations of Faith. But what would be the point? Greenbelt is a melting pot- a place for experimenting and debating. A place for dipping your toes into other pools of the thought, other culture, other art forms. The only way you can do this is to attempt a position of openness and humility- accepting that some of what you encounter will place you in positions of discomfort. Accepting that we all still have lots to learn, and that God is bigger than the boxes we place him in. I hope that Mr Cummings will come back to the festival because all voices are needed. But come and enjoy, celebrate, encounter. After all the rain falls on both the righteous and the unrighteous.
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