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Article Title: Dave Kelly: The Jesus music veteran with the Bob Dylan connection
Author of reported comment: Dave Kelly
Comment Date: 00:30 on Nov 14 2012
Comment: Yes Jane, you are right about my brother-in-law Jim Seatter. When I went solo Jim stepped in for Derek and sang all the great harmony parts that Derek had originally created when we were writing songs for "Ark 2". There were 3 songs on my solo album that I had written with Derek, so Jim helped me record those - sort of emulating how Derek would have sung them. Jim also came out on tour with me - occasionally just the two of us - and for a short time with a full band. He was a great harmony singer and a very funny guy, but he was also extremely shy about being on stage. In one city, we played for about 2,000 people and Jim remained off stage in the wings behind the curtain with his microphone the entire time. People must have been wondering the whole time where that second voice was coming from. To answer your question further - this interview was mainly me answering specific questions and much of my life was not discussed. Jim's brief period of working with me was not mentioned so his name never came up, but thank you for reminding me of his valuable contribution. He currently lives in Denmark, but I do miss having him to work with.
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