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Article Title: The 20 Best Albums Of 2012
Author of reported comment: Ian Rabjohns
Comment Date: 14:16 on Dec 28 2012
Comment: It really annoys me when Christian critics pass on dirisory comments about Christian producers! Some of the best producers in the world are Christians, for instance: Brown Bannister, Terry Scott Taylor, Jonathan David Brown, Mark Heard (deceased), John & Dino Elefante, Bill Beaumgart, Dan Needham, Buddy & Julie Miller, Bill Schnee, Paul Smith, Mike Roe, Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong, Carolyn Arends, Phil Naish, Steve Taylor, Billy Smiley, Mark Gershmehl .... and so the list goes on. Modern, and past, secular producing is sub-standard, not Christian producing!! Try listening to the production on Mark Heard's last album (Mark died on 16th August 1992), 'Satellite Sky', (Mark produced the album himself with an incredibly low bedget too!) then tell me Christian producers haven't caught up with secular garbage!! In the Old Testament, in the Psalms I believe, tells us to 'sing every song as unto God', so why are Christian critics listening to secular garbage anway? We won't be singing secular, self-centred, and immoral songs in Heaven, so why listen to them down here, and say they are produced better than Christian producers' efforts in the Christian music scene?!! Mark Gershmehl (ex-Whiteheart) - says on the 'Don't Wait For The Movie' VHS video 'This idea that secular music is better than Christian music, is just a joke as far as I'mconcerned!')
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