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Article Title: The Singing Goff Family
Author of reported comment: Rebecca Crawford Gon
Comment Date: 19:54 on Apr 19 2013
Comment: I just would like to thank the entire Goff Family for being such an inspiration in Gospel music! There has never been another Family like them since! My parents were always overjoyed when you all would come & have Revival in our church in Easton, Ca!! Loved having Kevin come and stay the nights with my brother Peter! We would laugh so hard, it would make our ribs hurt! Enjoyed listening to your parents and our parents talk about God, up into the wee hours of the nights! And since we lived in Caruthers and you guys would be in Lemoore, really enjoyed the fun times and fellowship with you all!! Would love to have all your songs on CDs so I could listen to them while driving in my SUV! And want to say Thank you to Chris and his Beautiful wife Shari, for sending me the record your dad signed for my parents! Even though I can't play it, it has sentimental value to me and my Family! From our Family to Your Family, you are more than just the Singing Goff Family to us, you are extended Family and Will Always Be! Love & Prayers To You All!! Ever in Fresno,Ca or near the area call me, would love to catch up! (559)-892-7521 Miss Ya All & Proud to Have You in My Life Growing up!!
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