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Article Title: XP3
Author of reported comment: Ruth Bertie
Comment Date: 22:26 on Apr 23 2013
Comment: It is so interesting to come across Cross Rhythms article/feature of the impact of The Continentals. I am a 'Continental Singer' to be specific a 'Encore' Continental. As is fondly said once a Continental always a Continental. God clearly lead me to join Tour U, Encore to New England in October 2003. I was the only Brit touring on an all American tour, of 20 gigs. 6 wks of home training, word learning, and practicing, not to mentioning sponsorship raising before flying off to rehearsal camp in New Jersey for one of the most hard working but exciting weeks of choreography and solo rehearsal before we left for tour. It was challenging, exhausting, professional, and each concert different in what God did in and through us. I can say it was a privilege, an experience never to be forgotten, knowing people who came to the XP3 concerts were left challenged to who God is, His love and how knowing Jesus can change lives, even given second chances. I came home mature in my gifting, stronger in my faith and as Cam said it was truly a 'life changing experience'.
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