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Article Title: Beyond A Dream
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 16:28 on Sep 16 2013
Comment: Kudos to one of ccm's top singer/songwriters that keeps pressing out those well loved songs. Right off the bat, the powerful opening song "God Is In Control" does not disappoint. It is high quality ccm material, a contant reminder to every believer when life has its ups and downs and we don't agree with what's going on. I have the video for this top notch song, Twila also sang this on the Dove awards (in '95 I believe). When Twila sings a song, you know she sings what she believes, this is one of those moments. I also have the video for "What Am I Without You", no truer words ever rung out, a song of beauty:btw cd title comes from this song. "Watch & Pray" is a song for today. This collection of songs are a most welcomed addition into the 90's era of ccm. In today's society when countless believers are falling away "Neither Will I" is a much needed prayerful song to be heard & sung. It kinda takes me back to Amy Grant's 1980 Don't Give up On Me". "Visitor From Heaven" is for anyone who has lost a dear loved one in this life, treasure the moments given on this earth, time to spend with those you love. I love the ancient musical sounds of "I Will Worship"; you can hear another ccm on bgvs Chris Eaton, actually Chris joins bgvs for almost every song on the cd. The 3 minute "The Light Is Shining" befittingly closes the 11 track list. God bless, Don
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