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Article Title: Spirit Of Memphis Quartet: Tracing the history of a classic gospel group
Author of reported comment: Tena Moss
Comment Date: 07:22 on Oct 20 2013
Comment: So very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust and believe, this is the real music. I have in my possession, thanks to my mother, several recordings of The Spirit of Memphis on 45 RPM Peacock Label that I played for many years as a radio personality. I still play and enjoy them at home today. I was never fortunate enough to actually see these gentlemen in concert, but I grew up listening to their music. Loved it then and even more now. Nothing against the contemporary artist of today's world. I love you, own, and play your music. Just know that these are the folks that paved the way for you. Please stop looking over and ignoring the quartet world. You can sleep in the Hilton today and eat anywhere you choose, because they slept in houses and their cars, ate from the backdoor of the few facilities that would feed them and the homes of kind people back then. Quartet music will never die. THANK YOU THE GENTLEMAN RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MUCH NEEDED INFORMATION.
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