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Article Title: Jerry Arhelger: Veteran country gospel man still walking the talk
Author of reported comment: Michael H. Sellers
Comment Date: 08:15 on Nov 30 2013
Comment: I met Jerry at a prayer meeting in Blountstown, Florida in 1972 and he was with a band I beleive called The Gospel Train. I was a 18 fixing to gradute high school. I was also the head of the MYF(Methodist young Folk) and choir leader at the Altha United Methodist Church and invited his band to come and play at the church. When Jerry and his band showed up you can beleive that my momma and the other ladies at the church wasn't giveing me kind looks when these long haired people walked in and started setting up quitars and drums in the pulpit. But I think it took all of about 15 min. that church family fell in love with them and adopted them. I remember one day we were hanging out cause I beleive the band was playing at the church again but it was a hot summer day so we all went down to "johnnyboy landing", the local swimming hole on the chipola river and Jerry baptized me I wonder if I was the first to be baptized by Jerry. If you talk with Jerry ask him about that and tell him I still consider him a freind and Love him. Michael Sellers 850-628-8962
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