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Article Title: The Called: Called By His Name
Author of reported comment: Anthony Arena
Comment Date: 06:47 on Jan 23 2014
Comment: Well, quite frankly, I'm disappointed. He traded one addiction for another. plain and simple. punk doesn't mean drugs. there were many straight edge bands coming out and Steve certainly could have kept playing amazing music drug free. Heard of Henry Rollins, or the band Fugazi? I am sorry Steve. Unfortunately, you are still Afflicted! One way or another. Now it's just another. You will always be. Jesus can't rock and roll! That's for sure! Glad you are alive. Get addicted to coffee instead...maybe jogging...and plug in that Strat. Wanna save some souls? Start playing Rock and Roll again. Get additcted to that, to the music. You've always had a choice. Life's a one shot deal. That's all there is! "Ain't No Heaven, Ain't No Burning Hell. When I Die, Where I Go, Nobody Tell. Ain't No Heaven, Ain't No Burning Hell. Nobody know, Nobody Tell" -- John Lee Hooker
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