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Article Title: Bob Dylan: The spiritual journey of a 20th century icon
Author of reported comment: Joni Zornes
Comment Date: 00:36 on Jan 31 2014
Comment: I believe Bob was a believer before '79, when he made an open confession of faith. In the 1975 Ft Collins concert (Hard Rain), the song "Oh Sister" was a definate precursor to his upcomming profession. The Hard Rain version of "Shelter from the Storm" is so much the story of God's Grace. With more than 20 inferences to old and new testament scripture in SFTS, I have no doubt it's refering to Grace. If you watch the video, Bob has apparently painted 3 or 4 backdrops, one with apparently Christ being beaten, one with Bob and a giant key over his head and a Christian symbol of a fish to the right and another with the Star of David and two women, one black and one white. Bob's influence by black American gospel singers has been long unnoticed, going back to Mavis Staples who he asked to marry in the early '60's. I like to think "Gotta Serve Somebody" was sort of a reunion of them. I pray for Bob and listen to "When He Returns" every night.
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