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Article Title: Big Blue Sky
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 13:28 on May 28 2014
Comment: Another great ccm production by the talented Ed Cash;he also provides awesome bgvs. This cd was out for public sale by mid May 2001. Nice acoustic sounds are heard right from the start of first song "I Am". I love the even flow of "I Am", great chorus to sing along to. The songs contained on this cd unveil a true and honest heart towards the Creator. I totally love follow up "Cover Me" reminds me of verse in 2 Chronicles 2:6; God covers way beyond earth & sky. It's getting quite popular for ccm artists to include a some type of lovesong for their spouse. Bebo is no exception with "You Surround Me". Nice flow of bgvs on "Sons & Daughters". Bebo's song lyrics seem to say what many of us have felt and thought. "Break Me Through" loses the acoustic sound to electronic keys; peace rings with this song. Title song "Big Blue Sky" is another I fell in love with at first listen; I believe ccm radio aired this song. The song has hit written on it. wtg Bebo. Awesome harmony vocals on "All That I Have Sown", by top ccm millenium artist Jill Phillips & Julie Clark: Beautiful piano by the talented Mark Stallings. I can- not leave out the talented John Catchings on cello. This song captures, I simply love it, thanks Bebo. "Where You Are" is a nice closer with just Bebo & his guitar. The songs show the listener the more mellower side to ccm. The 40 year old Bebo has chosen to leave the ccm music field and begin another direction in life. Surely his song contributions will not be overlooked. One can only hope for a return one day. God Bless, Don
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