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Article Title: Coming Out
Author of reported comment: jcmmanuel
Comment Date: 16:45 on Aug 16 2014
Comment: I remember Vicky together with Rebecca St James, two christian artists I liked because, even while they were like pretty conservative (Rebecca certainly was), they were also very kind to other people regardless their beliefs or even non-belief. I didn't follow up on them though. So Vicky now joined the growing crowd of Christian people who come out as gay/lesbian - like Jennifer Knapp and others. I can only encourage her to be her own self. There is always one big rule to be considered no matter what we believe: if we cannot be people-lovers, we shouldn't even be talking about love. If judging about other people's lives is the thing that characterizes us most of all in the eyes of the entire world, we certainly need to ask ourselves if we aren't doing things completely the wrong way. This is true for atheists who think they invented the wheel when they put that little 'a' in front of someone else's idea (being theism), and it's also true for Christians who don't even realize how often the Church has been dealing with issues like homosexuality much better than many Christians do today. Anyway, this is a very courageous thing to do. I'm not Christian anymore, and I'm not gay either but I am very familiar with the damage that can be done by beliefs imposed upon someone as pure truth - without ever asking if our interpretation could be wrong headed, or backward. Pastors should never forget they are dealing with real people and with their future, their happiness. You can't deal with people like 'things' that have to obey a church dogma. Let's hope Vicky will find what she's looking for, she's still young, she can still do something about it. And let her spread the message of compassion and understanding. Our world needs honest people who live real lives.
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