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Article Title: More Hillsong Criticism
Author of reported comment: Denisse
Comment Date: 18:55 on Nov 14 2014
Comment: I agree that Hillsong is not the true church of God They give just nice sermon making everyone feel good and they continue living a sinfull life They do not talk about repentance or anything that will make people think about there walk with God Jesus Very clear said Without hollyness no one will see the Lord Sure the people that run Hillsong live a very nice life with the money all this sinfull people and they dont care that they will go straight to hell. If there no messeges that bring convictions in there hearts and they are just entretain with music. They open one in Berlin that is related with Hillsong And I went there and they gave a quick pleasing messsage and they start talking and talking about they need more money more commitment with money .
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