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Article Title: Saved by Grace: Andre Jacovelli
Author of reported comment: Sarah
Comment Date: 04:44 on Dec 10 2014
Comment: I wonder Fiona, and if it is you my warmest hugs and hope you are okay. I cried when I read this, I though Andrew had left 2002 and cried then, I was very close to Andrew and spent much time with him in care, we got two cats together he was very close to me and I wish I had known about his where abouts earlier. Andrew got lost and all he needed at the time was love and understanding. I'm glad people understood him and he had some love with God as sometimes due to time and place God isn't always available but thanks to those who had time to bring some for him. I will miss you Andrew you were a beautiful friend and I understood you, you are a star. God bless you Andrew and your cat Fergie lived many years with willow ( remember when we got them from Wrexham . How I cry ..... Sarah
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