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Article Title: Saved by Grace: Andre Jacovelli
Author of reported comment: Sarah
Comment Date: 17:29 on Dec 23 2014
Comment: Hello Fiona, I think we vaguely know each other if it is you are his sister and I feel you are. Remember Father Fisher? I remember you I will always say good things about Andrew as I knew at times he sometimes lacked empathy and didn't think but children do this in crisis. What saddens me with Andrew is that when he went into the care system they failed him as other children. All adopted kids have different issues of attachment and it's normal emotions and thoughts and sadly there wasn't the support at that time and no secure knowledgeable stability I can remember once girls passing through the grounds of one home calling him racist names and although I raised this and asked for the cut through not to be used by public nothing was done. So as a child seeing two girls calling him names and Andrew just ignoring it and moving away I saw how it hurt him. One day I waited and I collared both of these girls myself and I'm afraid to say I gave both of them a very good thrashing, and after that they never used that cut through. Andrew was bullied by a couple of adults and with being moved to worse places I imagine the anger built up. Andrew always told the truth. It's good that Andrew takes some responsibility but it wasn't all his fault, it just became a negative spiral. The real Andrew was a gentle, loving intelligent gentleman and I think the photo of him carrying the milk in this photo sums him up well. I wish I had known where he was but sadly everyone was split up and when I inquired I was told he had left 2001 or 2002 In hindsight I don't think children being in contact with others from care was encouraged if you know what I mean. Where is he resting now bless him, it must have been so hard for you and your family I'm sending you ((((hugs)))) Sarah
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