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Article Title: Saved by Grace: Andre Jacovelli
Author of reported comment: Sarah
Comment Date: 23:15 on Jan 2 2015
Comment: Hello Fiona, Hope you had a beautiful Xmas, I think we know eachother remember Father Fisher I will always say good things about Andrew just wish I had known earlier as in 2001 - 2004 had I known I would have supported him and he could have stayed with me if he was struggling - sadly we all get split up sometimes in life. Wanted to tell you a beautiful story about your younger darling We walked miles one day to get kittens we saw advertised in the paper. Off we both went to a place called brumbo in Wrexham and we both must have walked miles. There was quite a big litter when we got there and Andrew picked a long haired tabby that went to him straight away. I picked a black & white. Well we had a lovely cup of tea with the owners and Andrew thought and thought the best name to call his cat and as the house was called ' Ferndale' Andrew came up with the name Fergie. I called mine Willow. Off we went with these two kittens and we smuggled them into the home, Andrews carefully in his coat. He made a little bed for Fergie in his drawer and these little kittens were spoilt. We weren't really supposed to have them and I think I was 15 and Andrew maybe older or younger. Luckily when staff found we had two kittens we were allowed to keep them and they became part of the children's home. Andrew spoilt his cat more than mine and it turned out to be such a beautiful looking cat. Bless him
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