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Article Title: The Charioteers: From jubilee gospel to Bing Crosby to a Marks & Spencer TV ad
Author of reported comment: Helmut Büber
Comment Date: 11:50 on Apr 2 2015
Comment: Dear Mr. Cummingham I'm a 67 years old german and I'm crazy all around music. As a hobby I make music documentaries. One of the databases is called "date of birth/death" of famous/good musicans. In th 1940s The Charioteers were a very successful vocal group who was formed 1930 at your unversity (I have read) Williams, William "Billy" 28 December 1910 - 17 October 1972 Jackson, Edward died 30 July 1950 (born 1913 ???) Harewood, John born 08 Dezember 1909 (death ???) Sherman, Jimmy 17 August 1908 - 11 October 1975 Ira Williams ??????????????????? Howard Daniel My great hope are your connections and archiv Can you heilp me? Please Thank you so much! warmest regards and best wishes Helmut Büber Raingärten 4, 73650 Winterbach, GERMANY www djbibi de
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