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Article Title: After The Fire: The hugely popular Brit rockers
Author of reported comment: Dori Fidler
Comment Date: 11:49 on Apr 30 2015
Comment: We would like to get in touch with any or all of the AFT band members because we are hosting a celebration to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Induction of Rev Mike Wood. Mike wrote to me with this request : "I am thinking about Saturday 17th October which is my Golden anniversary for being Inducted into the Ministry at West Street. I have invited : Mike and the Movement family Banned and Mick Spratt and GREEN with Paul Braddock and Gus and Wendy Eyre. t occurs to me to feel like a CELLAR RE-UNION. So I am wondering if you have a list of Cellar contacts and bands and artists etc... that you could send me and I could offer a personal invitation. Have a think and let me know. It could be a fun night and a chance to Open the Door to Open Door for past contacts." n.b. 'Open Door' is the new name for West Street Baptist church after we re-located. Mike and Lesley are dear friends and they come frequently to preach at the church Hope you can help. Mike would be delighted. xx
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