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Article Title: Kevin Gould: Early Pioneer Of The UK Christian Music Scene
Author of reported comment: Kevin Cansfield
Comment Date: 02:29 on Jun 24 2015
Comment: Hello Kevin (My Namesake), I heard you playing at a Tyneside Youth for Christ Rally in Newcastle MANY years ago, I remember that you were a Cardiff City fan, And You managed a lucky win against my team Sunderland, You were ecstatic. Doug Foster, one of the leaders of TYFC joked that they had to lock you in a cupboard for a couple of hours till you calmed down, Anyway lovely to see that you're still fully employed in the work of God's kingdom, I play the guitar and sing for the Lord, also do some preaching up here in The North East of England, I loved your "True Stories" album, my latest venture is a facebook Page called God honouring music, whatever the style, The idea is to emphasize the diversity of musical style and genres that are used in worship and to preach the gospel, you are welcome to join, and would love you to post in the group, I was looking for your songs on Youtube, but, alas, to no avail, enjoyed the interview, wish you good health, and God's richest Blessing....Best wishes, Kevin Cansfield
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