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Article Title: Music From Friends
Author of reported comment: David Waite
Comment Date: 11:35 on Jul 28 2015
Comment: Helen Shapiro has been walking into recording studios and making superb albums since the tender age of 14. She was a pop princess, then a jazz genius, and now she wears yet another hat as part of the newly formed trio known as Hebron, made up of herself, Chrissy Rodgers and Simon Elman. This is their first album entitled For Such A Time As This. Now, the problem that I have had in the past with albums made by some artists (not to mention any names) is that after about the third or fourth track I used to think ‘this track is a bit like the one before – which was like the one before that’. If that has put you off from buying albums in the past, you need have no fear in purchasing this one. First off, all the songs on the album are Bible based, which immediately moves it to the top of my list. But the styles of music are so varied – going from jazz to blues, folk, bluegrass and of course Hebraic giving us all a chance to brush up on that fascinating language as we sing along with the group. (the words of the songs are included in the sleeve notes). But don’t sing too loud or too often, or you’ll miss hearing the close harmonies that this talented trio have managed to produce, not to mention the guitars, ukuleles, banjo and bass that they accompany themselves on. The first track, Arise Shine could lift the gloomiest spirit on the greyest Monday morning, which is followed immediately by the more reflective I Lift Up My Eyes. There are 16 tracks in all, each one of which is a work of art in its own right, but also sitting comfortably with the rest. My advice – rush out and get a copy of this inspired piece of artistry, and while you are at it, get one for that friend of yours – you’ll have a friend for life! It’s exactly what the world of music has been waiting for – for such a time as this!
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