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Article Title: Hallelujah For The Cross
Author of reported comment: Matthew Rabjohns
Comment Date: 11:05 on Dec 20 2015
Comment: I've always been so blessed by the Newsboys. They've never been predictable, except in the eternal being brilliantly moving and thought provoking department. Their albums have never been the same. They've explored so much territory. They've never had a totally bad effort either. And what they've done over the last ten years is presented beautiful worship albums, be it with Peter Furler leading or Michael Tait, they definitely stoke my fires of praising the Father above for what He's done for me. With songs like He Reigns and Landslide of Love and I Am Second they've made me go mad with gratitude. Its so great to hear worship like it should be expressed. Knowing God is an incredible experience, not a death sentence! And here, with a hymns release, the guys still do it for me. There is first of all the thunderous All Creatures of Our God and King, an age old hymn that finally with the newsboys version, I feel is done the attention it deserves. Mike's vocals are thundering and open the record in awesome style. Then comes a re-visit that's just as brilliant as the original with Where You Belong/ Turn Your Eyes. The original was so perfect but somehow with a thunderous edge to this new version, its even better. Other highlights are the funkilicious What A Friend and the rock pop delivery of It Is Well. So much beauty crammed into this record. The Newsboys have done these beautiful classic hymns modern catchy brilliant justice. Its so great to hear such impacting, delicious worship and praise from guys who as yet still haven't hit a stumbling block. They remain creative, infectiously listenable and wonderful. Thanks Guys!!!!
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