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Article Title: 100% Proof: The Stockport band who in the '80s pioneered Christian hard rock
Author of reported comment: pam nickson
Comment Date: 12:33 on Jan 8 2016
Comment: I gave my life to Jesus when 100% Proof came to a church I attended St John and St James in Bootle Merseyside. I was about 14 years old, then towards the end of the concert they invited people to give their lives to Jesus. They were excited as I did this. They gave me a big green badge with 100% Proof Pam on it and told me to go and tell somebody that I was a Christian. I think either they or our church had someone making the badges at the time. I remember them sitting me on the stage in the church hall telling me about Jesus and praying with me. I'm still journeying with Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I'd be lost without HIm. Thank you 100% Proof for that step I took way back in round about 1978. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus if any of you have slipped away He's waiting to take you in a new deeper level of faith as He loves you. God bless you.
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