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Article Title: Judy Mowatt: From Rasta to disciple
Author of reported comment: Ryan
Comment Date: 19:14 on Jan 18 2016
Comment: Quick Facts: His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was a devout disciple, worshipper and follower of Jesus Christ. He encouraged all who listen to him to do the same. In fact, while he was alive, he even sent Bishops from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to minister to and speak the Truth of Jesus to Rastas in Jamaica. A ministry was established by Haile Selassie in Jamaica specifically to reach Rastas and turn them from worshipping himself to worship of the One True God, Jesus Christ. There is extensive evidence to show this via audio interviews with the late Ethiopian King Himself, which can be found all over the internet. Video and audio interviews of Bishop Abuna Yesehaq can be found online containing his testimony of Bob Marley's baptism into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Bobs immediate family was baptised as well. This was in 1980, shortly before Bobs death. On a personal note, just read the Bible yourself and Jah will show you Himself. Rastafari is Christianity. The separation comes from the belief that Jesus Christ has indeed returned in the flesh of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. This is up for the spiritual seeker to decide. God has given us enough evidence to make an informed opinion about where the truth lies. I also think it is extremely important to remember that God IS love. Rasta and Christian (and many other God-worshippers) I'm sure can agree on this, especially seeing that the Bible speaks very directly on this matter. Remember that Jesus himself, before he was killed, prayed to Our Father that we would all be ONE. That we would be one with him as He is one with Our Father. That we would all be one together. Paul also reminds us of this and encourages us that we would be one with eath other as we are all members one of another. We are ONE body with many parts. So don't be so quick to separate and divide for, if we were all a hand, where would our sense of smell be? Or if we were all a foot, where would our sense of hearing be?
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