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Article Title: Kevin Gould: Early Pioneer Of The UK Christian Music Scene
Author of reported comment: Ronnie
Comment Date: 03:17 on Apr 16 2016
Comment: Hi Kevin. I was reading a sermon by Spurgeon earlier "final perseverance" and was reminded of a song I heard you singing many many years ago "we're anchored to a rock that cannot move" I think it you titled it "the mansions of glory" and it was based on and old Irish folk song "The curragh of Kildare" I wonder did you ever record that? Do you still have the lyrics? Met you in 1974 when you visited Falkirk. You sang at our youth coffee bar Falkirk youth outreach. A coffee bar we ran in an old flat without even a toilet. I dont suppose you can recall that. On the saturday you were doing another gig in a local mission and as you had heard me playing and singing at the coffee bar asked me to open for you. I remember being so scared...I dont think I was very good. Your own songs did inspire me though and for many years after I was a member of a Christian band working saturday night meetings. Coffee bars and nearly every prison in Scotland. We borrowed your song "got my feet upon the my name upon the roll etc. " and it was one of the most popular we did. So when I was reading Spurgeon tonight and was so moved by his sermons conclusion "therefore thank God that thou hast an anchor that cannot fail and then loudly sing How can I sink with such a prop as my eternal God" ... then I recalled your song from all those years ago. Looked you up on Google as I never knew anything about your life since we met in 1974 and found you in Alaska. So glad to hear of the work and blessings that have followed you since these days.
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