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Article Title: Love Shines
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 22:19 on May 21 2016
Comment: This guy was born to sing, Amen! BJ has that voice that makes you want to stop and listen. This album does not disappoint start to finish, I love it totally! Side 1 begins with title track with amazing harmonica provided by Charlie McCoy.The Jordanaires give the songs top notch bgvs, a perfect combo with BJ vocals. Jerry Gillespie's "He's Got Religion" follows, great #; BJ does awesome reading on "Best Friend". Well known singer/songwriter Aaron Wilburn provides "Born to Fly", great song for BJ. "He's Coming Back In A Blaze of Glory" has country flavor as do other songs. BJ's wife Gloria has contributed her song- writing talents for some songs as well;"Teach Me To See" & "Pray For Me":she collaborates with BJ and Aaron Wilburn. Charlie McCoy's harmonica adds perfect sound on "Pray for Me". "What's Wrong with the World Today" grabs the listener's attention; great songwriting here by Gloria Thomas & Larry Kingston,"Lathan". The classic "Let's All Go Down to the River" closes the songset; one of BJ's finest on this album. Every song deserves rightful recognition. Thanks for a great album BJ. God bless, Don Great album cover artwork is by Bill Myers who has captured incredible likeness.
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