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Article Title: Back And Rocking
Author of reported comment: Pamela Allyn Modlin
Comment Date: 21:50 on Jun 26 2016
Comment: Greetings: Actually, my hometown is New Castle, Indiana although I have not lived in The Hoosier State since July 2006. I do not know when this notice was written, but I would be interested in what White Heart is doing nowadays. I live in Mexico now. But back in 1990/91 and 92/92 White Heart played in New Castle. That was when White Heart was The #1 Christian Rock Band. My niece was only 6 years old. She will turn 31 this August. I was young, too. But I still like to rock. the second year White Heart played with Rachel Rachel. The 2nd year I was a prayer counselor and met Ric. He said that his sister lived in Muncie and he was visiting her that day. And of course he is from Fort Wayne. Do you have any way to get in touch with the group. Do they have a current webpage? And how about e-mail. I hope you can send me contact information back. I teach English as a second language. But I am also a Christian poet/Songwriter. Any current information will be appreciated. Thanks!
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