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Article Title: Drain
Author of reported comment: Jon Wilson
Comment Date: 00:47 on Jul 20 2016
Comment: Hi Kevin! I doubt you will EVER read this reply to your comment because so much time passing. I only just realised that they'd published these online. I wanted to say you were/are one of my absolute favourite guitarists and I don't feel the wording of my review did that justice! At all! I was young writing this didn't have a lot of space. When you're young I think you make the mistake of thinking everyone knows exactly where you're coming from. Growing up listening to metal and hard rock where guitar solos were mandatory even when they added nothing to the music, were lacking inspiration and creativity and skill, listening to players like you was so refreshing. You were a massive influence to me and revived my passion for sitting with the guitar and busting out a lead! I know your comment was humorously intended but I just wanted to respond well why not?!!
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