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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Ian Cooper
Comment Date: 11:04 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: In answer to your points... 1 & 2. Atheism doesn't have to explain the creation of matter or the self-replication of living things. And theism's explanation is merely deus ex machina - hardly a compelling argument. 3. Moral codes developed as a result of our evolution as a social species. Every social species has moral codes - chimpanzees, etc. The theist's explanation: deus ex machina again. How convenient. 4. Why should atheists need to explain people's yearning for significance? Why is that a necessity? And again, the theist's "explanation" is merely deus ex machina again - "God did it". Any evidence for that? Of course not!
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