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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Alexander
Comment Date: 13:48 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: The problem with your four points is that they have nothing to do with Atheism. Atheism, simply put, says that no one has given compelling evidence to believe in a God. 1. It does not appear to me to have a credible explanation for the creation of matter. --- I don't know. But if you are saying that because neither you nor I have EVIDENCE, but you BELIEVE that is fallacious thinking and leads to a God of the Gaps. At one point we did not know where thunder came from, now we do. The same can be said for many, many things. We are not at the apex of knowledge at this point and to assume we are is also fallacious thinking. 2. If my first objection could somehow be met, nevertheless it does not appear to me to have a credible explanation for the self-replicating character of living things. ----- See above. Just because you (or I) cannot thing of a credible explanation at this time in no way means there is not one. Again, to assume otherwise if to yet again fall into the God of the Gaps. 3. Atheists seem to have great difficulty in giving convincing explanations of the sources of any consistent moral codes they follow apart from theistic sources. ----- Interesting. Perhaps you may wish to do a little more research on this. Perhaps read up on Sociology and the psychology of the tribe. Humans are tribal primates and even the lowly tribal bat shows altruism - do you think that they have the ability to think about morality? 4. Atheism doesn't seem to me to be convincing in its explanation of the obvious yearnings of individual people for significance. ----- Really? You really can't understand why a man or woman wants to stand out and be noticed; why individuals are driven to 'peacock'? Really? And you can't extrapolate this drive? If this is true you really are not trying. ~Alex
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