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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Mark Moore
Comment Date: 14:26 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: The question is not why would God allow children to get cancer, the question is why does God kill children, committ sweeping genocides, condone slavery, give virgin child captives to his own army for sex slaves, create a hell for those that practice freedom of religion, indulge in heinous misogyny, torture people to see if they are loyal when he is omniscient and already knows. In short why is God the most evil character ever envisioned by mankind? The answer is obvious. The early tribes lived in a very dangerous world among powerful and ruthless neighbors. They needed a God that was the most vicious and cruel they could imagine. We need to stop the God hoax. It is don't too much damage and sucking away too many resources from problems in the society that need to be addressed directly.
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