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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Stan Norman
Comment Date: 15:38 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: It seems that much of your rejection of the ideas of atheism is based upon lack of knowledge. The fact that the universe and life seems inexplicable to you is in no way an argument for the existence of any supernatural entities. 'I don't know, so God did it' is one of the weakest of the apologists' arguments. A child may not know that one and one makes two, but that does not mean the answer is 'God'. There are many people working on subjects like the origin of the universe who can put forth arguments far beyond my and your understanding for the origins of matter and energy. Zeus no longer throws those lightning bolts because we understand their origin in physics. I see no reason to rely on the supernatural as an explanation for the world without evidence. There is no shame in an honest, "I don't know", when confronted with a mystery. There is shame however in falling into superstition as a way of explaining the unknown.
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