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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Josef
Comment Date: 19:19 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: The true nature of the universe's beginning or existence has not been answered or demostrated fully by either group. Theology simply asserts to have the answer and it is contingent on the cause and effect argument. The major issue with every effect requiring a cause is that produces a self defeating argument. If the universe requires a cause or creator then God requires a cause. Thus the argument is self defeating because it produces an infinite line of regress. Also if theology had the answer that would indicate the ability to demonstrate how god created the universe. Yet no mechanisms of god's intervention and actions have been demonstrated. Science indicates we have a purely naturalistic universe that requires no primary mover. From a naturalistic point of view, which has qualities that can be demonstrated, we extrapolate that something exists because nothing is more unstable. The nothing we are discussing is the quantum nothing which is directly related to the heisenberg uncertainty principle. A particles location and spin or velocity cannot both be known at one time. This phenomenon has been well documented in many quantum experiments. From this principle we extract that space is actually made up of fields not particles, and the nature of these fields is that they are always fluctuating which is the reason we cannot determine the location and movement of a "particle" at any given moment. The revelation of this is that the vacum of space is not nothing but actually an energetic field with the ability to produce virtual particles. Thus empty space is not actually empty, and nothing is not actually nothing. The idea behind the big bang and the inflationary transition phase is that as the universe transitioned from the inflationary period to normal spacetime expansion the phase transition energy was released in the form of matter which distributed itself according to the microscopic differences in these quantum fluctuations.
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