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Article Title: How Would Jesus Respond To An Atheist?
Author of reported comment: Brian Westley
Comment Date: 20:13 on Nov 5 2016
Comment: Your four problems with atheism seem to stem from your erroneous assumption that it's atheism qua atheism that needs to answer them. It doesn't -- individual atheists will have different answers. As for me, my answers are: 1. I don't know, but suggesting a god did it is only begging the question and explains nothing. 2. Living things are observed to self-replicate; I don't know what kind of 'explanation' you think is missing, but you might be referring to abiogenesis. 3. I get my morals from being human -- religions have somewhat similar morals, but that's from being created by humans, not because some god is involved. 4. You can make up gods to answer your yearnings if you like, but I think that's silly.
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