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Article Title: It Shall Be
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 19:44 on Jan 2 2017
Comment: Talk about the classic christian Jesus music, this is a the prime example. Duo comprised of two talented guitar players and songwriters equal, Nancy J. Helms & Howard Mark-Mandel. Right off the bat Side 1 song "Morning Song" brings a calm in the air when listening to it, the follow up "It is Good" is awesome, love the upbeat tune and playing. Top notch CCM group members of Glad provide bgv's just the same as only they could do. It is great to know that a few years later (after lp release) Nancy would marry Don Nalle of Glad; what a great combination in music. BTW, Glad would include, "It is Good" on their 1980 "Beyond a Star" album. Side 2 starter "You Are" is quite a stand out, I totally love this song! The album's song title is on side 2, as I gaze at the album cover again, it is kind'a like a foreshadow of what is to come; We shall be caught up to the clouds. Mark's sort a soulful keyboards on the lengthy closing number (6 1/2 minutes) "Sing Halleluia" seems a rightful and fitting number to end the album; btw Glad's bgv's are heard on this song, awesome as always. There is a site where Mark is talking to others about this classic album; and he regained contact with Nancy and Don Nalle. So glad I have this classic vinyl. God Bless, Don
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