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Article Title: Mac Powell: Talks about his momentary move from Third Day to country music
Author of reported comment: Renee Rollins
Comment Date: 02:04 on Sep 23 2017
Comment: This is a little late...since MacPowell has made the country album...but I want to share this; I am a worship leader and songwriter, and the calling I have always had on my heart was to connect with people, many of them who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus) in music. I have written many christian jazz songs that where played on secular radio, as well as getting "Lone Star Music" song of the year for a country song I recorded and I truly believe God can use anyone who is willing to be sold out to Him. I believe Mack Powell has a heart and a love for Jesus that has been seen in so many ways...not just in his performances but in his songs. The truth is; lost people don't listen to christian music...but people like Dolly Parton aren't singled out and I really am praying that the fans of this great singer don't single him out either......God can still use him in a very unique way to touch so many hearts. Always will be a fan of Jesus first....and I believe that's his heart.
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