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Article Title: Jason Upton: Prophetic worshipper brings a sound from Heaven
Author of reported comment: Michael Rancurello M
Comment Date: 23:13 on May 9 2018
Comment: Hi- I was close friends with Brad, Bonnie and Bob Plohr from 1972- early 80’s. Brad and I were best pals and played music together in college @ Univ of Dayton. I spent many wonderful days @ Lake Gage in N Indiana. I knew Bonnie when she was in HS and as an art student in Cleveland. I knew Warren and Joan- their parents- from N Olmstead. Am desperately trying to reconnect, especially with Brad. If Jason Upton is the son of my friend Bonnie and her husband Ben, I would love to hear from you. If not- please forgive the intrusion. This is for real. My cell is(412) 260-0618, my e-mail is I am director of General Hospital Psychiatry @ Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa (412.359-8626). Would be so grateful if this turns out to be a way to reconnect with my second family, the Plohr’s. Please respond if I’ve made a mistake. Thanks! Michael Rancurello, MD
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