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Article Title: Jimmy Swaggart: The Southern gospel veteran on SBN TV
Author of reported comment: Mary Courtney
Comment Date: 16:13 on Jul 21 2018
Comment: I stumbled upon this article as I happened upon SBN over a yr ago as well. I too, have been a pro musician & near 70 now...still playing, albeit fewer gigs these days, but still in the saddle. I was very moved by Swaggert's Choir, quality Musicians & soloists, late one night, when I was in need of a touch of God's spirit. Upon further investigation I went back to do a review of those terrible days when Jimmy fell from grace. There's a lot of negative stuff on the web & he certainly had a sexual addiction problem in his early yrs...w/some christians who still harbor judgements against him-yet at this point I feel God is using his frail 80's in a dynamic way. He reminds us, that man is in need of JESUS...all of us, who sin & fall short of the glory of God. Does this excuse any of his past-No-but I feel his ministry today has grown B'cuz of the important message he gives: That we must all lay in humility @ the foot of the CROSS, cognizant of our broken sinful nature if we are to truly give our "all" to the LORD. If Swaggert has a 'con' going on, as some suggest on the web, God will deal w/that...but as far as I'm concerned, the Worship & teaching (for the most part) on SBN is moving & healing for anyone who softens their heart to Jesus. I've found that turning on SBN during my day is SO uplifting & keeps my heart happy in a world gone mad. Great WORSHIP & I feel God is using Swaggert in his later yrs to touch many.
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