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Article Title: Newsboys: Ex-lead Singer John James speaks about his fall and restoration
Author of reported comment: Kurt Kelley
Comment Date: 15:35 on Aug 15 2018
Comment: Glad to hear of his turnaround. But its no surprise as to his downfall. Wealth and fame bring temptations that no normal man or woman could resist. One could find many skeletons in the closets of every Christian celebrity, musical, or non. But I dont place all the blame on the celebrity. I place much of the blame on us, the Christians who so idolize our 'own' celebrities. WE have turned them into gods. If you observe the typical crowd at a big Christian concert, what you are seeing is worship. Not of God, but of the performers on stage. I see no difference between the adoration the crowd displays at a major rock concert, and how the crowd behaves at a major Christian concert. And that includes the supposed 'praise and worship' bands and concerts. Go to a Jesus Culture show, and you will see the same celebrity worship as you would at any secular concert.
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