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Article Title: Sandi Patti: The inspirational balladeer and the great divorce
Author of reported comment: Jay Neilson
Comment Date: 13:55 on Aug 17 2018
Comment: The person who thinks that Christians are different than anyone else is an IGNORANT FOOL. We have all fallen short. The FACT that Christ died FOR your sins does NOT mean you won't commit any more. The FACT is your sins and shame are GONE, you are FORGIVEN. Then you have ignorant people like this Al Menconi who need to pump themselves up with pride because they get off on bringing others down. If we could just for ONE SECOND get off our "Christian" high horses and actually try to empathize with people (especially people who are hurting), be honest with ourselves about our issues and our problems instead of hiding things, then maybe we'd be taken seriously as a faith group. Until then I remain ashamed of most of the Christian community. All we do is get our strokes and complain about everything except ourselves. All we do is pray for things that we have zero control over, things that are INCREDIBLY selfish. We are a clean cup on the outside, but the inside of our cup is filthy and disgusting. Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut. I think Sandi Patty could've helped a LOT more people if Al Menconi had kept his weak, attention-seeking, holier than thou trap shut. We don't need yet another man telling us what women can and can't do, by the way. How about we trust that their marriage was a wreck and THEY knew better. I like sticking to the Bible when it says "Work out your OWN salvation with fear and trembling." "Don't look at the speck in your brothers eye when you have a log in yours" I mean, how would he know that this stuff was in the Bible if HE SPENDS ALL OF HIS TIME ATTACKING AND JUDGING OTHER BELIEVERS INSTEAD??? *sigh* Christians have been destroying THEMSELVES w this garbage for decades. Yeah, thanks Jesus for everything you sacrificed for us, we're just gonna destroy everything you ever did bc we like it when we feel right and like it when we feel vindicated in our judgement of other people. TRY HARDER
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