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Article Title: Steffany Gretzinger: Bethel Music's singer, songwriter and revivalist
Author of reported comment: William Price
Comment Date: 14:40 on Nov 25 2018
Comment: Great piece. But your bombshell at the end, leaves me hanging. Steffany and family moved to Nashville? An back ground on that? Has she moved yet? Is she still worshipping with Bethal? Any story to the story which is the big story? I know her privacy is paramount. But the news has a lot to do with all the videos and worshipping in I tunes etc. There future worship dates. Will she perform with them? She would be a main draw. Is there more of the story to come? Does Nashvillle even know she is coming or has come? I know she doesn’t want to name a church because it will be flooded, but her and worship have to be a thing, right? Anyway, just wondering of there was anything else, or where we I could read concerning anything else. I like staying in the present. I dont think Bethal has released anything on her leaving? That may impact them as well. It’s not that she is so popular, which she is, but so anointed. She sings present tense with the Lord and points in a direction. Even when she sings of events past, they are present tense encounters with the Lord. Anyway, you probably cant tell me anything, but i was wondering. I’m just an old retired law enforcement captain, wh wa really touched by the anointing of her music. And hope that it is still being. Thank you. Appreciate your reporting. The bombshell at the end was a good place to have it. If you lead with it, it would have changed the entire piece. Readers should have been asking questions as they read like I am right now, instead of says what needed to be said in what you wrote. Bless you.
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