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Article Title: The Venturers: Britain's pioneers of contemporary Christian music
Author of reported comment: Don Attenborough
Comment Date: 11:46 on Dec 12 2018
Comment: It is great to find this site at this time Dec 2018); Rev Mike Wood, who was in the Venturers group has just passed away. I worked alongside Mike for 4 years at Streatham Baptist Church and we had remained friends every since and ministered occasional at various churches. Both Mike and I shared the fact that our home church was Streatham Baptist from our teenage years. I had seen the Group at the church in the early sixties. Mike’s song ‘Jesus is the Saviour’ based on John 3:16 is a favourite of mine and is one I still play when picking up my guitar! It was a privilege to meet Doug H at the recent celebration service for Mike Wood’s life and to recall that my wife and I were once on a witness team that went to Bryan Gilberts church at Southend. The Venturers songs may yet make a comeback!, but then for some of us they have never been lost. God greatly used the Venturers in their day by they moving the church forward in being relevant to society through their music without changing the age old truth of the Gospel message! I thank God for them!
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