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Article Title: Newsboys: Ex-lead Singer John James speaks about his fall and restoration
Author of reported comment: Kay VanAntwerpen
Comment Date: 12:06 on Dec 22 2018
Comment: I'm not a Christian, I gave up on it after it broke my heart to realize the selfless generosity and empathy I thought my parents and the other adults in my life believed in was just lip-service, the sort of thing you're supposed to say when you believe in god. As a musician and lyricist with an OK amount of small-time success, I genuinely despise most Christian music for the same reason I gave up on the church -- it's all so vapid and meaningless, all of the songs have the same canned lines that don't really mean anything. That said, I've been researching Christian rock recently for an album I'm working on (it's the style and language I want to write it in while commenting on the church's role in politics today), and I'm a little surprised by how well John James' lyrics and a lot of the early Newsboys stuff holds up, and even aligns with my convictions. I don't think I'll ever buy into a God again, especially after watching a majority of the people who claim to be a "light" to the world shamelessly hand the keys to the world's most powerful army and nuclear arsenal to a man who admitted on tape to sexually assaulting women, and has numerous more rape allegations against him. But it's good to know there are people out there who have the integrity to be honest about their flaws, to address them, and to share that struggle in order to be self-actualized and let others learn from their mistakes. It gives me hope. If there are really genuinely righteous religious figures out there, they look like this man.
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