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Article Title: Favorite Songs Of All
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 20:37 on Mar 20 2019
Comment: Top notch collection by CCM's awesome trio. We are introduced to 2 new songs from the start, "Freedom of the Sea" and "No Matter How Long". The lyrics to the opening song "Freedom of the Sea" speaks to everyone who knows the tough decisions in the christian life. The second "No Matter How Long" reminds me that no matter how far we get away from God, He will not let us go too far out of His sight, "no distance that is too great!" "Favorite Song of All" and " Little Bit of Morning" are top favorites from their first 1992 release. I love "Mercy Came Running" reminds me of the story of the father and his two sons from Luke 15; the father saw his son afar off and ran to him. When I heard "Shine on Us" from "My Utmost for His Highest" I was taken by the simple words crafted into a song of pure beauty; I love it!! "The Concert of the Age" was brilliance! You can feel the excitement of the Rapture throughout the whole song!! Awesomeness! I enjoyed reading the liner notes from each member. So many wonderful songs on this collection to hear. God Bless! - Don
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