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Article Title: Part Of A Mystery
Author of reported comment: Jerry Thompson
Comment Date: 17:06 on Aug 27 2019
Comment: I have been looking for this recording for sometime and having obtained it on CD, I can assure you it was worth the search. These are the tracks: 1. No Greater Love. 2. Captives Of A Vision. 3. Lord, I Will Celebrate Your Love. 4. Make A Joyful Melody. 5. Oh, The Joy Of Your Forgiveness. 6. Sing Of Your Love. 7. Words And Information. 8. Searching For A People (CD only). 9. Hearts That Are Open. 10. Lord, I Lift You High. 11. Without You. 12. There's A Song In My Heart. 13. Amazing Love. 14. People Living Free. 15. All Hail The Lamb. Dave is joined by ace electric guitarist Phil Keaggy on track 1, 6, 10, 13 and 15. Without doubt a rare LP/Cassette/CD, but as far as I'm concerned it's Dave's best release!
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