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Article Title: Home For Good
Author of reported comment: Marcia Brabbs
Comment Date: 07:27 on Dec 13 2019
Comment: Our long-time experience on the Isle of Man is that the system does not want people who truly care, who will actually speak up and fight for what's best for the children that they want to home, help, support, actively love and empower to grow towards positive futures. If you will be a yes person, not challenge a thing or ask a question, you are in; anything else, and our Department of Children & Families sidelines you, does not approve you - if they even allow you to apply but so often they do not, even when you have already, privately cared for, raised and paid for the children for 2yrs and they are "desperate" for foster carers and care homes are bursting at the seams and taking in children as young as 6yrs old -- you are told that you are not a part of "the Department's plan" for the children. *
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