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Posted by Peter in Surrey @ 13:03 on Aug 4 2014

Kevin Prosch has a personal annointing that is very powerful. I am a musician and I have heard many christian musicians and music recordings. Pretty sure I've never heard anything like Kevin. Much of what I have heard elsewhere has been water, but Jesus turned Kevin's water into wine. My heart and spirit are more open to his ministry through music than almost any other. This is God's doing, not his. I honour the annointing, whilst not condoning the confessed sinfulness. We all hate sin, that's why we love Jesus in whom there is no sin. But we know sometimes the flesh gets the better of us. Let's keep on crucifiying it! Love to you Kevin in his holy name. I know I heard something from heaven when I heard you and your people sing and play!

Posted by Darlene Savord in Tustin CA @ 17:48 on Jun 7 2014

Kevin, I miss you. You added so much to the worship at The Vineyard and I will never forget you staying at our home in AZ when you preformed at The Vineyard there. I still have my wedding video and you singing Even So Come as I walked down to my X husband with my father. You blessed us when others wouldn't so yes, I bless you and God blesses you. Call me or email me please.

Posted by mikechubick in Bend, Or. @ 18:09 on Feb 19 2014

The fear of God may be, I am reminded, not to exalt a man, or his gift, but rather give glory to God. We've so longed Lord to run with the horseman and walk with the footman, and do your things and greater.Let us do the things that fulfill the manifestation of the sons of God.

Posted by Steven Alvarez in Anchorage, AK @ 21:08 on Dec 21 2012

Kevin's music touched my life and helped me become a better musician and worship leader. The few times I was privileged to hear him speak, sing and lead worship changed my life, touched my heart and contributed to the path I have taken as a church musician. It is not for us to judge and just as God takes us back every time we fall and sin, we too should do the same.
Just as he wrote in one of his songs: " love our neighbor with all that we have, and keep our tongues from saying things we have not seen. Break our hears with the things that break Yours, what we sow in tears, we shall reap in joy . . ."
Kevin, we had a chance to meet in 92 when you came to the San Jose Vineyard and performed. I pray that God may grant you many years. I admire the courage you showed to come forth and confess your sin, I rejoice with many to see you back in the service of our Lord.

Posted by Michael in Southern California @ 04:37 on Jul 15 2012

Just like singing songs of praise & worship and partaking of the teachings & sermons are main functions of the Sunday church service; Body ministry - in the area of healing of wounds and deliverance from demons - needs to also be a function of the Sunday church service. Unless Christians embrace the fact that demons are the ones driving us to sin, deliverance will be left out of Sunday church services. Many Christians, would not be committing adultery if the church would do what Jesus commissioned us to do - cast out demons; and Sunday services are a perfect place and time to do deliverance. There are only a handful of churches across the U.S. that make deliverance as part of their Sunday church service. No wonder so many Christians have one foot in the world and one foot in the church.

Posted by stephen roland in albertville, alabama @ 22:49 on May 8 2012

I have enjoyed Kevin's music since the early 90's, does anyone know how to get in contact with him?

Posted by Edie Cooper in Denver Colorado @ 19:51 on Feb 5 2012

Okay...I am aging myself...but I remember Kevin back in the Vineyard days in Anaheim CA in the late 80's...he was a fool for Christ...dancing and twirling from one end of the stage to the how David danced. I adored him and the anointing God entrusted to him. God's gifts and calling are irrevocable...and while affairs seem so His eyes (the only eyes that really matter) it is equal to calling someone a fool. God always restores everyone involved...ALL things work together for Good. Now he is healed...his latter days will be greater than the former...we are ALL in process. :-)

Reply by Steve Hanson in OKC @ 23:51 on Mar 2 2013

How many decades did it take for David to be reinstated Deborah? Church has a problem with not loving unconditionally and taking peoples life lightly but taking there image and sins as more important than Gods call. Ministry is not more important than people and the dreams God put in there hearts. If real love was there the fake would not so easily overtake.

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Reply by Deborah Babbit in Tacoma, Wa USA @ 06:14 on May 29 2012

Edie, I felt a devastating loss when Kevin disappeared. Now that I have his music back I'm so happy. Worship soars like before.

What saddens me is the adultery of course, and since having seen the mighty fallen up close myself, I have some idea of the time and work involved in restoration. Christian therapists who specialize in adultery will tell you that it takes decades for someone to look at the sin and to slowly inch out of denial enough to be willing to look honestly at the devastation, let alone to have the capacity to repent with true sorrow. If he is remarried to someone he defiled his first marriage with, or has had only 2 or 3 years post divorce to process it, ( which I don't know concerning Kevin) I lack trust in the decision-making team. I know nothing about Kevin's troubles. I just know others very well who's oversite were in too much rush to fix the fallen ministers feel a miserable loss of purpose in life. More than restoration, the church needs the fear of God, not an 'it happens' attitude.

There are sides of the story. Often not the spouces, other leaders or all the children involved are helped. It happens that ministers are so intent on restoring fallen people quicker than they are capable of coming to grips with the whole, enormous loss and how widespread it can ripple. Have you ever heard of spouses and families left behind being provided 3 years of ministry and grief help? Any? People recover if they don't first act on suicidal thoughts, or use substances and sinful paths to their own destruction first. That's pretty common for kids left behind by wandering dads. Those kids can lose they're sense of belonging when their dad brings shame to the ministry that those kids helped support. It's really quite a bit bigger picture than you have possibly experienced.

Still I hope and pray that Kevin's process is complete. We all need it to be so.
Deborah Babbit

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Posted by Joel in Essex @ 18:46 on Dec 12 2011

Kevin Prosch has such a passion for honest and real worship of our living, loving God. I have been so blessed by so many of his songs: Stephanie, Spring Rain, Come to the Light, Please and so many more. He came to our church in London at the time (St James the Less, Pimlico) and I still maintain that it was the best gig I have ever been to. What a worship session! Kevin is a legend in my eyes. He may have screwed up and caused a lot of pain and hurt to a lot of people but I am sure that he will have got down on his knees and genuinely repented. He always seemed to have a lot of pain and stuff that he was going through but this came across in his deeply personal and vulnerable style of worship. Those of us who have experienced God's healing power will only have been blessed by Kevin's awesome gift before God. I wish him all of God's blessings in his new marriage and continued ministry. Peace.

Posted by Ryan Lynn in Dallas Texas @ 21:26 on Nov 21 2011

I have known Kevin since I was a kid. I am 33 now. I truly believe in his calling to the ministry. He is a great guy who made some bad decisions, and has paid for them. God will continue to work through him.

Posted by Karen @ 14:02 on Aug 3 2011

Jesus is all about forgiveness and new starts, remember when Peter denied Jesus three times yet he still went on to be a vital piece in the building of the Christian church.

It is important for us as Christians to admit, apologise and face the consequences of our sin.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross our punishment has been taken away and there is no condemnation.

In God's eyes all sin is equal, sin is black, and goodness is white. So whether a man has committed adultery, told a lie or blasphemed, all God see's is a black sin. So therefore should we remove from public spiritual leadership all men who have ever sinned?! That would be ridiculas!

Why can't we respect that Kevin has seen the error of his ways, repented, been forgiven by God and now will continue to fulfill the calling God has placed on his life...

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