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Posted by David in Perth Australia @ 11:05 on Jan 30 2010

there is no doubt in my mind that difference between paradise sky and welcome to paradise really show up what a great producer larry norman was .... paradise sky is good, but welcome to paradise is awsome .....

having said that, it seems to me that larry norman was a guy like me and you, he made mistakes, stuffed up and probably did the best he could, we will never know his position, all the circumstances of his decisions and his reasoning... but I know this ... god loves him, like he loves us ..... do your documentary, tell the truth .... last I heard, the truth will set us free!

Posted by dandelion in midwest @ 06:00 on Jan 19 2010

I am heart broken over what seems to me to be a bad lesson in God's forgiveness. Why is Larry Norman being treated so disrespectfully when we all will die with sins God has died for. larry Norman was a part of my life as a messed up teenager. I just now find out he is just the same as my favorite author (then) in the Bible, the songwriter David in Psalms. I never knew til I got older that he messed with a nother lady. As I got older Christian couples I trusted broke up, got divorced......all these experiences opening my eyes to God's unfailing Grace and Love. Why are you all fighting over Larry and his music and are you trying to tell me He is an unsaved man that died?

Posted by Masked Avenger in Parts Unknown @ 04:19 on Jan 6 2010

Sure, Dougie...not a problem.

Randy was first approached to rerecord because there was no way that Larry was going to allow the use of the songs, but had given back the publishing of Randy's music in 2000. So, Randy could rerecord those songs.

As time went by, things got a bit clearer with respect to a law called "fair use." That law made it clear that not only Randy's music could be used, but also Larry's as well. And there wasn't anything anyone could do about that.

There is no conspiracy, Dougie. Maybe you should turn your questions on the Norman family...ask them why they haven't responded to repeated requests to have a paternity test.

Posted by Dougie Adam in Glasgow @ 00:07 on Nov 11 2009

In the interview Randy says: "'You know, Larry's really stonewalling here. He's not going to allow us to use the original recordings. He's got this wrapped in legal red tape. But this IS the music of the time and what do you think about the idea of going in. . . you have the legal right now because you own the copyright. You can't use the original masters but you have the legal right to go in and put your hand to this. Would you be willing to do that?' So we did it because that was obviously crucial for the film and David just generously facilitated the funding of the project and I went, 'Well, shoot man. Okay, here we go!'""

In Fallen Angel David Di Sabatino has used songs from the original Solid Rock albums which no doubt had the same copyright / legal issues surrounding Randy's recordings from the 70s... there are loads of Larry songs from his 70s albums, and lots of performances from BBC recordings where BBC were not asked for permission. Anyone wanna ask a tough question about this?

Posted by Dougie Adam in Glasgow @ 23:25 on Nov 5 2009

I have mixed feelings about Paradise Sky. The songs are classics and a lot of the new recordings are fine. The disappointment lies in the fact that when "Born twice" was a low budget and under-produced album there is only 1 song from that era which was re-recorded for Paradise Sky (the sublime Norman's Kitchen) and the new version is a throwaway performance and less interesting than the zany original. "The Sky Is Falling" didn't quite hit the same hits as "Welcome To Paradise" and the mix seemed a little weird on that album yet once again the Paradise Sky recordings of those songs stick pretty close to the original arrangements, except for Counterfeit King where just when you think the new arrangement is going to pay off it gets interupted by a Bible reading in the middle of the song. If Paradise Sky was really a chance to go back and re-record some of the best songs from randy's first decade and record them with the benefit of better recording technology and more recording know-how then it looks like the opportunity has been missed and many of the new recordings come out sounding paler than the originals... guys like Jon Linn and Andy Johns who played and engineered on the originals were unsung heroes

Welcome To Paradise and The Sky Is Falling are still available on CD from Solid Rock and the origianl Norman's Kitchen recording is available on the Cottage Tapes Volume 1 CD in good sound quality

Posted by Christopher Murphy in Kansas City, MO,USA @ 23:00 on Nov 1 2009

I bought the Paradise Sky album recently and it was a tremendous disappointment. If you can get the original "Welcome to Paradise" then by all means do so. The original work shows what a pale imitation the current derivative work has become.

I have met both Randy and Larry; I have spent more time with Larry. Their original work is still valid and needs no updating.

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