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Posted by kamya michael in kampala Uganda @ 21:47 on Apr 24 2010

lookin foward to your return. DA.t.r.u.t.h. thx alot for the sign of humility. the strength of a man doesnt lie in his achievements but in his ability to get back on his feet after a fall; meaning that falls exit, it jusssst shows imaturity to repeat the same misstake. we waitin for you homie

Posted by Byaru in kampala, uganda @ 09:30 on Mar 2 2010

Donnie Mclurkin sang that ''we fall down and get up. the saints are just sinners who fell down and got up'' i don't know why somethings happen, but God said no matter what happens all things work together for the good for those that love the Lord and are called to his purpose'' when you're down there's only one place to go, UP.

Posted by MAXWELL SIBANDA in EASTLONDON,FORTHARE @ 15:11 on Feb 21 2010

hy man..a righteous man falls seven times but he still rises.i don rilly knoe how u cam to b in dis mess but one ting is certain rit now..u cant reverse the past.So man the way 4ward is wats important now..remember God knew u b4 u wre in yo mothers womb(jer 1),erefore he had a gret plan 4 yo life(with a victorious ending 2), wat maters nw is 4 u 2 finish yo race and finish it strong.tak the incident as a stepin stone 2 yo next level in ministry..we lav u man,be streghtened inward in the name of JESUS.

Posted by JAZZ in HOUSTON, TX @ 18:31 on Feb 17 2010

Da-TRUTH, you didn't fail. You just fell short, like we ALL do. You only fail when you give-up, so just stay in God's pressence. Remember, it will all turn out to be good for those who love HIM.

Posted by bishop reynolds in port arthur texas @ 00:08 on Feb 17 2010

GOD is nigh of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, so i am thanking GOD in advance for your total deliverance.The devil is a liar, you WILL be back better than ever.

Posted by Byron Coopchiak in Wasilla, Alaska @ 08:44 on Feb 10 2010

I believe in you bro! 1 way to get healing is to be honest with yourself, not only honest with God. You have opened a door by admitting your wrong and submitting them to God. That's powerful! Remember David...after all the junk he did, he was still considered "A man after God's own heart." You are a mighty warrior bro. YOU ARE A MAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART!! 1 love and keep moving forward.

Posted by Kennedy Wanyeki in NAIROBI KENYA @ 13:07 on Feb 1 2010

DA-TRUTH we are with you as we also fall many times as we were all born sinners and human nature is to fall.You are already forgiven and God is ready to receive you back.Thats what matters most God and if God has forgiven you and is ready to receive you back WHO ARE WE TO QUESTION HIM.The day you will come back we shall receive you with open arms and may God who gives peace that surpass human understanding be with you.How we wait for that day you will come back to hte stage and we are with in prayer.MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND BE WITH AS HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN.AMEN

Posted by jenice n xavier in niagara falls ny @ 18:36 on Jan 26 2010

the word of God clearly states that God is just enough to forgive us of our sins if we ask for forgiveness(paraphrasing).
The word of God does not discriminate but it applies to every saint of God. of course we all know that God does not want us to continue in sin because he is so gracious, however on the other hand he does not want us to stay and sulk, be depressed and dwell on our shortcomings. to admit or confess your sin is not to say that it is ok that you committed sin bu it is a humble start in letting God know that you are aware that you have gone against his will. everyone wll sin till the day they die wether they have the power of the holy ghost living on the inside of them or not. it is truly in our humanistic instinct to sin since the fall of adam but the what truly matters is the state of our heart. the prescence of true repentence is what the lord is looking for. thats why God is sooo awsome because he forgives us when nobody else will. T.R.U.T.H, keep ya head up and remember you are still an annointed man of God. you've reached many people in a way that is truly chosen for this time. Remember Gods word because you know it and have it down in your heart so dont bbe discouraged or dismayed. Repent(which im sure u already have), stay in the Lords face and listen to his instruction. keep on keeping on. The Lord forgives you. Its already done. I pray your strength in the Lord n JESUS name. AMEN!

Posted by mokonde hales in Tuscaloosa,Al @ 02:18 on Jan 18 2010

the Word of CHRIST stands regardless of the mistake are made,always remember in the eye of man things are never right. There's a real ENEMY out there. We are in a real battle. So get up! Repent,walk forward as a MAN OF GOD,A HUSBAND OF GOD,A LEADER OF GOD,and a TRUE DISCIPLE OF GOD. NO COMPROMISE!!!!!

Posted by Jerry in Nigeria @ 13:50 on Dec 29 2009

Sure to see that as Christians such challenges must come our way, they are to make us grow and not faint in fact T.R.U.T.H, I see this as a steppin stone in ya ministry. I pray healing in ur marriage, n Gods understanding. I LUV U.

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